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traveling through southern Oregon? Looking for antiques?  Grants Pass is the place!

Hi!  John and Linda here, and we've taken a little time off from the remodeling of this website to remodel our kitchen!  We'll be back in the e-Saddle soon, however, so keep checking back.  We really do have some great stuff we want to show you!


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Old Town Antique Mall proprietor, Janice Munro. Photo courtesy of 
Meanwhile, if you're traveling the West Coast this year, you might want to check out what is easily the Best Place to Shop for Antiques in Southern Oregon, arguably the best West of the Rockies!  Okay, I confess I may be a little biased, because I'm talking about the Old Town Antique Mall, and being a Grants Pass local, of course it's my favorite! Oh yes, it's also owned by my big sister Janice (she's the vintage shopkeeper there on the left, and as you can see I've put her on sale this month!*) To see more of Janice's fine establishment, take a look at the slideshow @ Southern Oregon Antiques dotcom.

Since you're reading this I assume that you read, so while you're in Old Town be sure to check out the books in the showcases between the cashier and the back door, because a few of those bookshelves are mine and I could really use some of your money — but by all means, shop around; Old Town has around 70 vendors in over 6000 feet of floorspace!

Only a mile from Interstate 5 and incorporating the interchange of three additional highways (99, 199, and 238) we're conveniently located within walking distance of the Rogue River, not to mention about a dozen more antique shops and a couple more bookstores too.  It's a scientifically proven fact: Grants Pass has the highest per-capita concentration of antique dealers in the galaxy, many of whom can read! The two at left are my Mom (Peggy) and my sweetheart (Linda) sharing a space at the annual Grants Pass Antiques & Collectibles Street Fair, waiting patiently for the crowd to realize that the rain has stopped (everybody runs inside Janice's shop when the deluge begins, then she dubs recorded rooftop rain into her shop's muzak to keep 'em there!)

* during the months of March & October EVERYTHING in the Old Town Antique Mall is 20% to 50% off!

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